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WHY away?

You are about to plan the next month`s activities, however, you come to realise that all your employees scheduled their days off at the same time! No such scenario would be possible with our leave management system.

away offers:

  • a clear overview of employees` absences
  • the possibility of sending requests from all devices, as well as (dis)approving them
  • customizable leave types and approval levels
  • making reports without boring paperwork

Automating the employee leave management process reduces the possibility of confusion, overlapping absences within the same department, reduces time needed to plan vacations and make decisions, minimizes errors in submitting requests and late approvals. On the other hand, it increases information transparency and business efficiency, and consequently the satisfaction of employees..

away benefits

Process automation and documentation

Leave cumbersome documentation in your past now, since you will be safe with away taking care of all the reports, decisions and planning. Automation increases your team`s efficiency, and the focus shifts to what is most important - satisfaction of your employees!


Better business organization

Better time management means better company organization. Having an insight into employees` absence facilitates project planning and work assignments.


Mobile application

With the away mobile app, we have all up-to-date information about absent employees 24/7. Also, employees have the convenience to send requests and check their status wherever they are.


Dashboard your managers and employees will love

Simple and user-friendly overview of the following:

  1. Calendar
  2. Remaining days off
  3. Personal requests list
  4. Recent employees` requests list

By launching the software, at the top of the page are shortcuts for creating requests, notifications and profile settings.


Take a leave in 3 steps only

1. Choose among customized leave options from the dropdown menu.

2. After creating a request, the superior and the HR department will receive a notification about the application. The superior can also access the Requests section by clicking the option on the left side menu, where the information about the employee - applicant is displayed. At that point, he has the option to (dis)approve the employee’s request.

3. Upon superior`s decision, the applicant receives a notification and becomes familiar with the current status of the request. The applicant also has an overview of all the requests made, along with their status, right on the dashboard.


Mobile app

The utmost benefit of this software is the possibility of planning days off using mobile devices. It is a must-have for field workers, those outside the office, without access to desktop computers.

Employees can check the balance of their days off at any time, look at the dates available for vacation and submit requests.

Managers, on the other hand, have an insight into the calendar with an overview of absent employees, as well as the requests within their department, with the possibility of (dis)approving them.

Price list


11.99€/per month

up to 10 users

free for 15 days



22.99€/per month

up to 50 users

free for 15 days



35.99€/per month

up to 100 users

free for 15 days


100+ users?

We have special offers for companies with a large number of employees.

Prices are shown with a 20% discount on one year subscription.
The listed prices are without VAT.